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Installing a Tile Backsplash in my Casita Travel Trailer

Mrs. Padilly's Casita's Kitchen

I thought the tile backsplash would be one of the easier projects to complete since the space is small, and 
I have worked with tile and grout on bigger projects in the past.

I was wrong…

That assumption resulted in my one real mistake during this makeover (which I couldn’t fix) .

But before I move on, I’d like you to look closely at the photo below.

Interior of a Casita Travel Trailer BEFORE Makeover

You will note that behind the sink’s faucet there is a small wire shelf. Removing this will be the first step for installing the tile backsplash.

But before we start installing the new tile backsplash;

I want to point out all the changes I have already made to the Casita.

In the photo below, you can clearly see big changes have taken place; from the chalk painted cabinet doors, to the teal paint added to the cooktop and fridge, to the wood vinyl flooring! 🙂

How-to for updating a Casita Travel Trailer's Kitchen

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