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Installing Wood Vinyl Flooring in my Casita Travel Trailer

My Casita is a 2006, and for a travel trailer of this age it’s in great shape!

But there was one area of my Casita that really showed its age; the vinyl floor you see in this photo.

Before and after photo of adding a vinyl floor to a Casita Travel Trailer CamperThe vinyl is stained and yellowed with a dull finish. It desperately needed updating, but I needed the new flooring to be lightweight and easy to install.

The answer: self-adhesive vinyl flooring.

One key consideration in choosing my vinyl flooring was making sure the old floor was still securely attached to the sub-flooring. It was, so I knew I could put a self-adhesive vinyl on top.

The steps that follow show how I added the flooring to my Casita.

Step 1: What Type of Flooring to Use?

Since the old vinyl was securely attached to the flooring below, I first thought about chalk painting the floor (I love the stuff!), but I couldn’t convince myself to put chalk paint on a surface so heavily used and abused.

So I decided to take a tour down the vinyl aisle at my local home improvement store.

I have to admit I have not shopped for vinyl since the 1980’s, and I was immediately impressed with the quality and variety of vinyl flooring options!

Vinyl floor in CamperA lot has changed!

Since I did not want to tear up my current vinyl floor, I chose the vinyl you see in this picture.

This vinyl is very thin, lightweight, easy to trim, and has a self-adhesive back.

It also has a quality feel to it, and looks like real wood (without the price tag).


Step 2: Organizing the Tools for the Project

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