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Chalk Painting the Cabinet Doors in my Casita Travel Trailer

Chalk Painted Cabinet Door with Scroll Work in Casita CamperThis is my first article, of a seven article How-To series, on the Glamping makeover of  my Casita Travel Trailer:

Chalk Painting Cabinet Doors.

(Please see my post My Casita Camper “Before Glamping” Pictures, to learn why I chose to buy a Casita Travel Trailer; including before pictures as I cleaned her up to get ready for her makeover).

Interior of a Casita Travel Trailer BEFORE MakeoverThe picture you see here is what the interior of my Casita looked like before the makeover.

I you will notice, the interior walls are either white molded fiberglass or carpet, with the exception of the cabinet doors.

The cabinet doors are standard MDF door construction made to look like wood.

My Casita is a 2006, but the new models are still made with these MDF doors and similar hardware. It is a nice clean look, but not Glamped enough for me.

Where do I get my inspiration?

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