Kayaking Lake Conroe

Kayaking into stumps on Lake Conroe


The little island we claimed as our own ~ Padilly’s Island.

  • Mrs. Padilly's Travel TipsLake Conroe is located about an hour north of Houston, and a very popular boating destination (busy on weekends).

  • The Padilly’s go on this lake in their motor boat, sailboat, and kayak, but motor boaters rule, especially on the weekend summer months.
  • The areas were the rivers and streams flow into the lake offer the best Kayaking. This keeps you away from “most of” the motor boaters’ chop.
  • There are eagles on Lake Conroe, so keep your eyes open. They often appear on the north side of the lake, but I’ve seen them as far south as the dam (where I took the photo you will see near the end of this piece).
  • Our favorite dining spots are at/near Waterpoint Marina on the south side of the lake (near the dam).

Personal Highlights & Photos:

Some days we are blessed with perfection…we just have to take notice. This was one of those days. ~ Mrs. Padilly

The story of  Padilly’s Island
September 23, 2013

This island emerged in 2013 when Lake Conroe was down eight feet due to a severe drought.
It was the perfect swimming spot on this hot day, and we called it Padilly’s Island. This is our story…

Image of Mr. Padilly and kayak on Padilly's Island

With the dog days of summer almost behind us, Mr. Padilly and I took the Hobie Mirage Tandem kayaking on Lake Conroe. Over the last two+ years, the Texas drought has kept our lake level down.

On this day we put our kayak in at the Scott’s Ridge Swimming and Boat Launch, in the Sam Houston National Forest, crossed the boaters’ lane, and kayaked through a literal forest of tree stumps exposed by the low lake level.

Sam Houston boat ramp is in background (left)Sam Houston Boat Ramp

As we were enjoying the milder temperatures and exploring the stumps, exposed by the drought, we noticed a small island and decided to headed in its direction.

A literal forest of stumps kept the boaters far away, making this the perfect spot to kayak.

This little island was complete with a tiny beach, patch of green grass, an old stump, and a small tree.

Approaching Padilly IslandJohnson Island in the distance; Lake Conroe

After beaching the kayak, I looked around this small piece of land and immediately felt like Gulliver, a giant in a small world.

Beached at Padilly's Island

Of course it didn’t take long till my overactive imagination kicked in, and I was transported to Asteroid B-612. B-612 is the home of The Little Prince, my favorite children’s book. The Prince’s little asteroid had a single rose; our little island had a tiny tree.

Due to the lake’s low levels, this tiny tree had taken root in the sand. The tree, healthy and strong, was unaware of its fate when the lake level returns to normal.

Padilly Island’s only tree.Image of Johnson Island only tree in water

As we floated in the warm waters of the lake, I looked upon our little island and smiled at its power over the imagination.

Lucky Shot! This eagle flew over our boat,
and looked me in the eye right as I clicked the camera.
Eagle over Lake Conroe

One Year Later…

The lake levels were starting to rise, and the only sign of our little island was the small tree coming out of the water.

This little tree will be three to four feet under water once the lake returns to full pool. Makes me sad.

Kayaking: Discovering Padilly Island


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