Please Pray for Texas

Mrs. Padilly's Please Pray for Texas

My Heart is Heavy.

Not only is my adoptive state of 38 years in trouble, the region I call home, Houston, is in real trouble.

The Padilly’s are alright ~ Harvey spared us. Our personal losses were two 75′ pine trees. Spindly, ugly things that were already slated to come down. In unison, they fell side-by-side in our pasture. Damaging nothing but themselves.

But the same can’t be said of the region I call home. Like most of you, I could do nothing but watch what was playing out on television. Feeling helpless as scenes unfolded on the streets I have traveled many times before.

Two days ago it became really personal. A section of the city I called home for 31 years, quickly began to flood; catching everyone off-guard. Still, all I could do is watch.

The sun finally came out yesterday. The waters are receding. I’m able to pull myself away from the television. I don’t have to just watch anymore.

There is a lot of work ahead. Please keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers.

America, Texas needs you.

Happy Trails,

Mrs. Padilly



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  1. Coleen Hopkins says:

    Our hearts are breaking for Texas and all who are in Harvey’s wake. Prayers for everyone.

  2. GP Cox says:

    The receding waters is only the very beginning of the recovery, unfortunately. So much has to be done after such a disaster that most people don’t realize.
    Take care and our prayers [and some of my town’s firefighters] are with you!

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Very true, GP Cox. It will be a long recovery! Please THANK your town’s firefighters for me! Wish I could do it in person!

  3. Mike says:

    God bless Texas. He always has and he always will. Praying for all those who have lost everything.

  4. Shari says:

    Well said, my friend. Up here in Illinois, our hearts are breaking too! People want to do more than give monetary donations. They want to help, hands on!! Wish that were possible. The images we are seeing are beyond description. Trust me, it is all everyone here, many states away, is talking about. We can only hope and pray that help reaches those who need it, and fast. Our hearts, and prayers, and thoughts are with Texas.



    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Thank you, my dear friend in Illinois. It is so good to know the compassion extends so far north. Wishes that come from far away will go a long way. I hope your words are read by many Texans! <3

      Happy Trails,
      Mrs. Padilly

  5. Lupe says:

    Thank you for the prayers. It is truly devastating here and there is so much work ahead. Trilled to see the Sun yesterday!

  6. Catherine says:

    Sounds like those old trees fainted from the shock of so much rain. Happy thoughts coming your way. Tragedy has a way of uniting us and the USA could use some strong unity right now.

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      That they did. Thank you, Catherine, and I completely agree. There is a lot of love on display around here. Hopefully that is the legacy of Harvey.

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