Newest member to the Fleet! C~Dory 22′ Cruiser ~ C~Horse

C-Horse, our 22′ C-Dory Cruiser

C-Dory 22' Cruiser - C-Horse


Next week launches the series on my 17′ Spirit Deluxe Casita’s Glamping Makeover, but I wanted to share with you our new 2002 C-Dory 22′ Cruiser; brought home to Texas today by way of Indiana (Go Hoosiers!).

We have named her C-Horse and I’d like to think of her as the water equivalent of our Casita Glamper Free Range; although I don’t think Mr. Padilly will approve of me “glamping” her up (maybe just a little accessorizing 😉 ).

In addition to sharing our camping adventures in our Casita Free Range, we will also be sharing our adventures on C-Horse; from cruises on our own neighborhood lake, Lake Conroe, to extended cruises such as Galveston to Freeport, Texas. You can read about my travels on my Travel Blog link, to

My blog has been quiet the last few months as a result of the behind the scenes activities on the Casita’s makeover and purchasing the C-Dory, but the time has come to share our boating, camping, and sightseeing adventures with you from our Texas Fleet: Free Range (17′ Casita Camper), C-Horse (22′ C-Dory Cruiser), Eclipse (21′ Sea Pearl Sailboat), Peanut (6′ Nutshell Pram made personally by Mr. Padilly), our Hobie Mirage tandem kayak, plus a couple other kayaks, folding bikes, and a tow vehicle or two.

I am so excited to be at the point where I can focus on sharing these adventures with you! I hope you will subscribe, and if you are into camping, you may be interested in my free “Happy Camper” download





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  1. Pit says:

    I’m looking forward to reading about C-Horse.

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