Mrs. Padilly’s Garden


Mrs. Padilly’s Garden

Art [Junk] Garden Projects
Inspired by a children’s book I am writing:
Mrs. Padilly’s Garden©

Mrs. Padilly’s Garden is my literal outdoor canvas, and future fun place for the kids (and adults) to play.  The projects I create for this magical land will bring to life the settings in my upcoming children’s book, Mrs. Padilly’s Garden. These projects will ultimately become the illustrations for the book.

As I’m creating each new project, I will share with you the inspiration behind the concept and the creation process. My hope is that these projects will inspire you to create your own magical garden for your home, while giving you a peek into the world of Mrs. Padilly’s Garden.

Mrs. Padilly's Garden future home

Photo: The corral in background is the site of Mrs. Padilly’s Garden©
Most of the projects I create will be located there.