Moving the Ol’ Homestead: Casita Coming Home!

Mrs. Padilly's Good Luck Horse ShoeIt’s been a bit quiet on Mrs. Padilly’s Travels, but for good reason! We are moving the Ol’ Padilly Homestead out to the country, which will allow us to bring my Casita Travel Trailer “Free Range,” and Mr. Padilly’s C-Dory cruiser “C-Horse” home! (No more off-site storage!)

I can’t include enough exclamation points to show you how excited I am about this move, and having my Casita on property!

But the best part about this move is once we are settled in our new home, and life returns to normal routine, I plan on redecorating the inside of my Casita to fit our new home’s Texas ranch theme, and sharing this redesign with you! 🙂

In the meantime, here is a peak at the site where Free Range will soon call home.

Happy Trails!

Mrs. Padilly

Mrs. Padilly's New Homestead - stables

Mrs. Padilly's New Homestead - Pasture & Garden


8 Comments  to  Moving the Ol’ Homestead: Casita Coming Home!

  1. Pit says:

    Now that new property looks gorgeous: congratulations!

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Thanks, Pit. Over a year looking for the right spot. God blessed us.

      • Pit says:

        Hi Mrs Padilly,
        So you found the right spot faster 😉 than us. It took us close to two years and looking at about 40 properties before we settled down here in Fredericksburg. Well, it sure is good to take one’s time for such a momentous decision. A new home is not just like a new shirt which you can easily discard if it doesn’t suit you. I’m glkad you found something to your liking – as we did. May I ask where your new place is? Sorry for being nosy.
        Have a wonderful time and enjoy your new place,

        • Mrs. Padilly says:

          We are still in Montgomery, just moved from lake community to countryside. 🙂 Love the elbow room!

          Best to all of you in the Hill Country!

  2. Coleen says:

    Congratulations, lucky you!!!

  3. cteachr says:

    I was wondering where you got off to. We just returned from a 5 week trip to the south west and I often thought of what I want to do to our little camper to glam it up.

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Moving is never easy! The next time I move they will deliver me six feet under. LOL

      I bet your trip out to the south west was wonderful! 5 weeks!!! That is the way to do it! I look forward to the day I can take trips that long.

      Will have to jump over to your blog and do some catching up real soon!

      Have a great day, cteacher!

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