Kayaking Lake Conroe: Discovering Johnson Island

Johnson Island Tree 2104KAYAKING: DISCOVERING JOHNSON ISLAND in our Hobie Mirage TandemThis past summer we went kayaking back to “Johnson Island” only to discover that the summer rains, ending the drought in Southeast Texas, had removed all traces of our little island.

The only evidence it ever existed was the island’s only tree. With over half the tree submerged in the water, it was doing its best to cling to the sun by spreading roots just below the surface; a futile attempt to survive.

Just a year ago this little island sparked the imagination, and left me with a memory that will last a lifetime.

I’ve republished my 2013 post with images of our little island below:

“Discovering Johnson Island” – September 23, 2013

With the dog days of summer almost behind us, my husband and I took the Hobie Mirage Tandem kayaking on Lake Conroe. Over the last two+ years, the Texas drought has kept our lake level down (still down by two+ feet; over eight feet during the height of the drought), and on this trip we guided the kayak through a literal forest of tree stumps exposed by the low lake level.

As we were enjoying the milder temperatures, and exploring the stumps, we discovered our big treat for the day: a small island with a tiny beach, patch of green grass, an old stump, and a small tree. The moment I saw it, I asked “Mr. Padilly” to head towards the island so we could explore it, and go for a dip in the lake.

After beaching the kayak, I picked up a piece of wood and made our claim in the sand: “Johnson Island.” As I looked around our little island, I immediately felt like Gulliver, a giant in a small land. Then my imagination transformed me into The Little Prince on Asteroid B-612, but instead of a rose, our island had a miniature tree that had taken root in the sand from the low lake levels; healthy and strong, but unaware of its fate when the lake level returns to normal.

As we floated in the warm waters of the lake, I looked upon our little island and smiled at its power over the imagination.  Some days we are blessed with perfection…we just have to take notice. This was one of those days!



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