Happy Camper Printable from Mrs. Padilly's Travels


Following is a list of organizations and groups the Padilly’s have found helpful and fun, and we think you will, too!

Groups passionate about Casita Travel Trailers:

Casita Club – To meet other Casita owner’s and become part of the Casita Family, including forums, articles, classifieds, etc.

Casita Owners – A great Facebook page of Casita owners, and wannabe’s, who share trip and makeover photos, and ask and answer questions on all things concerning Casita’s and RVing in general. As a Casita owner, I have truly enjoyed reading the posts on this site, which include so many creative ideas on ways to update your Casita.

Groups who focus on Glamping and other “Sister” activities:

Lou’s Glamping for Beginners – This Facebook page connects you with a wonderful and passionate group of beginning women glampers!  I have so much fun chatting with my fellow beginning glampers on this site, and have made several friends! (Note: You don’t have to be new to glamping to join, but this is a Closed group, and need to show some affiliation with camping to join.) I’m Lou’s Glamper #3295

Sister’s on the Fly – A group that organizes anything from Cowgirl College to Cowgirl Caravan camping events across the United States.  I’m SOTF #4869

Glampers on the Loose – Another great Facebook page full Glamping inspiration!

Groups whose focus is on C-Dorys:

C-Brats – A site for C-Dory owners to come together in forums and gatherings across the country. (Mr. Padilly)