Bastrop State Park, Texas

Mrs Padilly's Camper at Bastrop State Park

Campsite #73 ~ Copperas Creek Section.

One of only seven CCC Parks in the nation awarded the “National Historic Landmark” status.

Padilly Tips

  • Large motor coaches and trailers may find the pull-through sites in the Piney Hill Camping area more suitable. This area is near the pool and above many of the tree lines, giving you sweeping views of Bastrop State Park’s fire-damaged.
  • Smaller RVs and trailers can also choose the Copperas Creek Camping area, where a patch of loblolly pines survived the fire providing shade and back-in level concrete pads (Padilly’s site was #73).
  • The bathroom facilities have all be updated due to the fire. These new bathrooms are five-star! Air conditioned, clean, and big!
  • Tent camping is found at Copperas Creek, & Deer Run (near Piney Hills).

Trip Notes & Photos

A brutal Texas drought in 2011 resulted in many fires across the state, one of which raged through Bastrop State Park.

When I booked our stay, I was somewhat concerned that the scars left by the fire would take away from our experience. Instead, the fire damage added another element to our visit that was worth experiencing, and the friendly park staff, well-kept campgrounds, immaculate bathroom facilities (some of the best I’ve seen), large pool, and GREAT hiking trails created memories that will never fade.

If you have thought about visiting Bastrop State Park, make your reservation! You will not be disappointed.

Campsite #73 – Copperas CreekPanoram of Campsite 73 at Bastrop State Park Texas

When you first look at the photo above, you might think it is two photos merged together, but it is not.  This is actually a panorama of our campsite, showing some of the extensive fire damage at the park, which spared a grouping of loblolly pines.  As you can see, our campsite in Copperas Creek is literally along the line where the fire swept through.

CCC Cabin #13CCC built Cabin 13 in forest of Bastrop State Park

One of my favorite features about the park is its HOBBIT LIKE CABINS built the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp), which are available for rent. These cabins line the shores of the now empty Bastrop State Park. On my next trip, I think I’ll leave my Casita behind so I can experience one.


Cabin #3. I love how this cabin is buried in the ground.
CCC Cabin #3 at Bastrop State Park


Refectory Group Dining HallRefectory Group Dining Hall
Massive Red Trail Overlook Red Trail Overlook Bastrop State Park
Photo of Mrs. Padilly at Overlook, created in Waterlogue.
Waterlogue image of Red Trail Overlook by Mrs. Padilly
Long lost water well uncovered by the fires.Water Well uncovered by fires at Bastrop State Park

Another nice feature of the park is a very large swimming pool built by the CCC.  The YMCA manages the pool, and it is worth the small entry fee to cool off after hiking on a hot Texas day.

CCC swimming managed by YMCA. 
YMCA Pool Bastrop State Park

Of course, the thing we enjoyed most about our trip was its hiking and biking activities. I’ve never hiked through a forest ravaged by fire, and it was quite an experience.  I’ll never forget all the signs of new life among the charred and fallen trees.

Entrance to Purple Trail Entrance sign to Purple Trail Bastrop State Park


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Happy Trails! Mrs. Padilly

Mrs. Padilly's Camper created in Waterlogue

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  1. Carol Monteferante-Easter says:

    Beautiful description. Love the picture effects.

  2. vicnic2015 says:

    I was there not long ago. The trails were closed due to all the recent rains. I was up on the topside, and loved the views. The facilities were the best I’ve ever seen. I liked the park so much, that I stayed an extra day. I hope the rangers see this blog! Thanks for writing it.

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      I agree with you on everything! Ironically, the natural disasters that hit this park made hiking it more enjoyable! Truly a unique experience. Thank you for your comments and stopping by.

  3. Pit says:

    I really like that watercolour! And thanks for sharing your views of the park,

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Thanks, Pit. I love watercolor, and I do create “real” watercolors, but the watercolors in this post are created with one of my favorite apps, Waterlogue. Takes your best photos and turns them into masterpieces in seconds! 😉

  4. Love the blog and enjoyed the park!!!

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